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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Essay: Truth

Beyond the surface of our understanding, a spirited force lays in a temporary repose. So deeply hidden underneath the many layers of the earth of our minds it is, waiting patiently to be exposed. For its humble face is an outcast to the world outside the doors of its home. Yet, every so often it releases a zealous pulse from its heart to a receptive spirit as a reminder of its existence. The mind’s eye of the spirit is then forced to behold the view of the world past that of fantasy after a single touch from its chilling finger. And the invisible barrier of illusion that once clouded the eye shatters at last. Such spirited force is Truth. Traces of its existence is but faint, even lifeless at times in this figure that is so called society. The eye’s of the figure only view but an illusion, not Truth. For that is what it has created. A misleading illusion that had been plastered over the face of Truth, in effort to smother the living breathe directly from its mouth. For only then can it be content with its own life. Only when it is consumed with the stories of a thousand lies does it shout in joy and say it is satisfied with life. The lies transform into a false truth. Nothing more. Then slowly, the figure’s vision becomes impaired. So does its heart… Fortunate for me to have escaped the grasp of this misleading illusion. Now begins my task to seek out Truth from inside the bottomless well of my mind. For I wish to reside in its home of righteousness rather than the land of my desires.

My Poem: Answers

A multitude of questions fill the surrounding space
Competeing in a race
For my attention
And no need to mention
All of the confusion
They only create an image of an illusion
That taunt me with its lies
And its unending cries
For answers.
No more I say.
For they made day and night bleed together
And my mind drifted away like a lost feather
Sailing away on the seas of time
Only there did the clouds appear sublime
Yet even there the questions did not leave
Always I have to carry them on my sleeve
Listening to their cry
For answers.
Sigh...why even try?
To search longer for what cannot be found
No I am bound
By chains of desperation
Hoping in anticipation
For answers.