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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Ant In Us

A black ant scrambles across the pavement, on his back is a piece of a thick, ash leaf. On and on, he travels with his load to an unknown destination. A few moments later, he disappears under a layer of rocks, out of sight...
The ant being a perfect image of oursleves, carries more than his own wieght. The load is a symbol of truth; a symbol of the secrets hidden inside ourselves which we carry on our shoulders throughout life. For what reasons? Such question cannot be answered. For the jusifications are obscured deep in our hearts only for us personaly to know. It is locked away in the chest we built out of protection. While embarressed, guilty, doubtful,...we move foward just as the ant, never disposing the leaf from our backs because we never find the destination that we feel provides safety for such information. We fear the power of others having knowlege of such information, so we hold on to it even though it cuases pain. Thus, each of us become a feeble ant that is overpowered by the magnitude of its load.
However, unlike the ant, we are not built to hold the extra weight and therefore, our frames are weakened over time. The strain adds to the discomfort and we feel helpless. Our ability to withstand such feelings diminishes and we are left vulnerable.
Yet, while we all reach such point more than once where the feeling of impowerment takes control, we can also escape its wrath. It may take longer than anticipated, but we do have the strenghth to win such battle. Every individual has the capability of releasing the burden that is being carried. It does not matter whether it may be large or minute. Thus, do not lose faith. Somewhere along the path leading to our destination is a place of where it is safe for us to dispose of our burdens. When the right moment comes, such a place will be revealed. And when such a time occurs, the true black ant in all of us will finally appear.

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