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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Reflection: Love

      My soul is constantly craving for the luscious morsel of affection. My heart longs to receive love from the hearts of others, whether it is from those of relation or not. As long as love is within reach, worries seem to fade away, confidence of oneself is restored, and the sense of being valued is gained. My soul is dependent on love; desperately in need of it to thrive; to endure a single day of hardship. For life is too difficult to walk through alone and damaged. Furthermore, solitude is no longer needed as an escape, for love brings companionship and forms a bond between individuals that cannot be severed. Indeed, when love is acquired, the sense of value and comfort is irreplaceable. However, the quest to obtain affection from others has time and time again only proven to be strenuous. When the promise of a source of affection appears, failure triumphs, laughing in mockey at the mistaken individual. Every turn leads to disappointment. Instead of love, cruelty is in its place and the heart becomes stricken with grief. I cannot live without one bit of love or kindness. Love and compassion is vital for any living being.
     I speculate who or what is at fault for the scarce amount of love. If affection is a necessity, why is it so difficult to attain? One single word comes to mind; cruelty. It reigns above love in this world. Too many individuals are overcome by the wickedness of cruelty and are consumed within its grasp. They have lost sight on the importance of affection and how others depend on it and thus, the beautiful concept of love is neglected. As a result, individuals are left to suffer from cruelty's effects with shattered hearts. They are left to wander through life with feelings of doubt and hopelessness. The world becomes a threatening realm that inflicts wounds at every corner and scars remain as a reminder. The heart will forever long for a single fragment of warmth to heat its ongoing chills; love is its only alternative.
     Yet, I still carry hope that one day a world will exist in which love rules above malice. I still carry hope that one day I shall reside there and be immersed in its grandeur. The heart shall be healed and renewed. With love in reach, my oppression will be diminished, my confidence will once again be restored, and the sense of being valued will be forever gained. In such a place, no more searching will be needed; the existence of love will flow through every entity, spreading like an unimpeded blaze and devouring any forms of rancor in its path. As my mind reckons further, this place appears to become valid, does it not? By all means not on earth, for it is the home of cruelty. Therefore, is it not Heaven in which I describe?


  1. Heaven...In every heart, there lies the power to find it....♥ ~.^ Helena

  2. When Women Walk Alone by Cindi McMenamin deals directly with this topic..

    we must find our love and acceptance in Christ alone first, and then you will see and feel love in all sorts of places :) HE LOVES You!!

  3. when love conquers all, we will be free !