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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Poem: Dear Heavenly Father

How beautiful does Your name sound in my ear,
The whispers of Your humble grace fill the surrounding air,
And such joy consumes my heart when Your presence is near,
To lean off Your path......I do not dare.

I admit, the walk upon this disheveled path is a complex fate,
Numerous bends appear before my weary feet,
And deciding which is golden only leaves me in a perplex state,
For these detours are not a simple one way street.

Therefore, I come forth and present to You all that is worthy in Your name,
Even though a minute amount it may seem to be,
I do so with my head raised before You, revealing no traces of shame,
And my eyes containing wonderous vision so that Your miracles they may see.

Lord, provide me with the strength to face the fierce battles ahead,
To live with valor in order to never forsake,
And to forgive those who upon me do tread,
For leaning on your path......will never be a mistake.

Your love for me is similar to a rich cloud pouring forth abundant rain,
Endlessly flowing to shroud me thoroughly, sinking down to my core,
With each drop it binds together my torn filaments, healing the pain,
Allowing me to glance foward at what You have in store.

Thankful I truely am to bed blessed with Your breathe,
And for the ultimate sacrifice you paid upon the cross,
For you are the reason why I hold no fear for death,
Or why I no longer stumble when I am at a loss.

Further lead me when I have once again went astray,
And guide each step I take with the utmost care,
For under no circumstance will I cease to follow your way,
To lean off of Your chosen path for me.....I do not dare.


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  1. Were you ever really taken? You have found your true father...He has always been..."though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...thou art with me."